The Shrink Next Door - Season 1 Episode 3

The bizarre relationship between psychiatrist and his longtime patient.

Genre: Comedy , Drama

Actor: Paul Rudd , Will Ferrell , Kathryn Hahn , Casey Wilson

Director: N/A

Country: United States

Episode: 3/8 eps

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2021


Season 1 - The Shrink Next Door
12 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021
12 Nov 2021
19 Nov 2021
"Dr. Ike persuades Marty to start a charity with him. Marty sparks with a female employee at the frame store."
26 Nov 2021
03 Dec 2021
"Dr. Ike and Marty throw a series of extravagant parties at the Hamptons house - mostly at Marty's expense."
10 Dec 2021
"Marty considers a company move to New Jersey, but is that a boundary even Dr. Ike can't cross?"
17 Dec 2021
"Marty confronts Dr. Ike about his behavior and tries to reconnect with the life he left behind."